BUY: Book "Vitrina" - soviet KGB grenade launcher for AKS74U ( Krinkov ). AK-INFO. Pavel P. 2019 y. Печать
My name is Pavel Pticin, I am the author of the book about one of the least known soviet weapon system that ever existed - "Vitrina".
In this book, you will find the history of a really unique grenade launching system designed for AKS74U (Krinkov) by the order of KGB (secret service) of USSR. You will find high-quality pictures of the grenade launcher and all of its features, proprietary magazine and ammunition.
So far, only 100 books have been published, so now you have a really great chance to buy a very rare book.
And obviously, as an author, I can sign this book for you, just tell me who I should make it out to.
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